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"Kamelia is grounded and insightful. She has mastered the art of slow thinking and deep listening. Everyone needs this in today’s fast world and her manner and methods demonstrate magnificently the benefits. She has a rare gift."

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Sarah Hendi

For 15 years of my life I was all scared, stressed out and struggling.

About 5 years ago dear Kamelia helped me to overcome my fears, and make my biggest decision in my whole life and live a life I deserve.I am so happy to find her in my life. I feel free and independent now, thanks to Kamelia.”

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“Receiving coaching from Kamelia Simab has been life-changing for me. From becoming self-aware to helping me pinpoint a mental health issue that had gone undiagnosed for decades, with her support I have been able to take the proper steps to change my train of thought and my life altogether. Thank you so much for your support!”

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Sharifzadeh, Alireza,

“ Very nice first experience with Ms. Kamelia Simab.  she was able to verify some details of my past in order to identify the obstacles and needs in my present life and equip me in my relationship journey. I highly recommend Kamelia for personality issues and relationship improvement.”


Baranghori, Somayeh

“Lighting up my life path for the last 7 years!

I was so blessed to meet with Kamelia few months after I immigrated to Canada in 2015.

I was so ready to start my new life and a big change here. It was my desire to live a better life, but there was something that holding me back from being myself almost my whole life. Kamelia helped me to closely examine each and every struggle I would face and made me see that I was so overwhelmed with my fears.

Thank you Kamelia for always being such a compassionate and authentic life and career coach to me with so much love and kindness accompanied with it."

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